How to decrease risk when designing integrated systems

Posted by Sarah on November 08, 2010 · 1 min read

How often do you get to work on completely isolated systems? It is seemingly more and more common that your system needs to talk to another system to function, whether that be a legacy system, an external API or even one that has not been developed yet. Every system that you talk to adds risk to your project; technical risk, quality risk and delivery risk. But never fear - help is at hand.

Come to my London Dot Net User Group talk next Thursday (18th November) at Skills Matter and you will hear about how to design your system to decrease this risk, how to ensure the quality of the overall system and how to manage the successful delivery of the system. Not only that, but you will hear real-life cases, some success stories but also many failures and you too can learn from the mistakes I witnessed. Have questions around the integration points in your ecosystem? Fire them up, and lets see if we can work through them together.

Registration is here

Thanks to LDNUG, Skills Matter and Rachel Laycock for finding me a soap box to stand on.