Move. Just Move

Posted by Sarah on March 29, 2020 · 2 mins read

As we shift to self isolating and working from home it’s important to remember that when we are in the office we do move around quite a bit. Think about your day:

  • you walk between your car park or public transport spot into your office
  • you get up from your desk and walk to standup
  • you move around into meeting rooms
  • you walk to get your lunch from either the work kitchen, or outside cafe
  • you walk to grab your cup of joe from your favourite caffeine vendor

We move around a fair bit.

Working from home might make you think you are tethered to your screen. But don’t forget to move.

Here are some things to try:

  • Take a walk around the block at lunch time to get fresh air
  • Join your afternoon call from your phone and head into your backyard
  • Reject all lunch time meetings, and block out that time in your calendar, so you can give yourself at least an hour a day away from your machine. Use that time to stretch and move.
  • Talk to a physiotherapist to create a stretching and core building routine suitable for your level of fitness, which you can incorporate into activities around the house (like waiting for the kettle to boil)
  • Pilates and personal trainers are embracing new formats to deliver you a workout in your living room. One gaining popularity is PE with Joe
  • Do some yoga - my kids recommended Cosmic Kids Yoga to me and I’m amazed to see them planking and downward dogging.

Focusing on movement through this crisis is one way to met your Safety of Heath needs as I described in my last post about Heirarchy of Needs through a crisis.